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Affordable Life Insurance Quote

An affordable life insurance quote may motivate you to make a decision about this important component of your family's financial security. Considering life insurance and choosing the proper product to help your loved ones cope financially with your death is not an easy task. However, an affordable life insurance quote may encourage you to select a product that offers your dependents the protection they require, whilst giving you greater peace of mind.

Quality life insurance shouldn't cost the earth. If you meet standard health criteria, you can generally find a cheap policy that offers a generous benefit to your survivors. Insurance providers make the process even easier by allowing you to apply for affordable cover online once you've made your decision. Whilst some providers may require a medical exam and documentation from your GP before approving you for coverage, others will accept you based on a written application alone. Request a childrens life insurance quote from more than one company to find the most affordable product on the market.

Low Cost Term Life Quote

The most affordable life insurance quote will generally reflect the cost of a term life policy. Term coverage is highly affordable, yet versatile and cost effective for young families on a budget or single individuals who want to ensure that they've met their financial obligations in the event of their untimely death. As the insured, you have the option to select the term of your cover. Typical coverage periods may range from one to 30 years, depending on the needs of the insured.

Term coverage is also known as "protection only" cover, because these policies do not include a cash account or the potential to act as a savings or investment instrument. Permanent assurance policies include a cash account which increases in value over the years as you pay your premiums and the balance in your account earns interest. A quote for permanent assurance is generally higher than a quote for a term policy because of this financial feature, and because the benefits of permanent assurance are guaranteed for a lifetime.

When you compare affordable life insurance quotes, consider the value of your coverage as well as the cost of your premiums. Although permanent assurance is dearer than limited cover, affordable permanent policies give you the reassurance of guaranteed benefits for your survivors. No matter when your death occurs, permanent policies guarantee that a lump sum will be paid to your dependents.

Mortgage Protection Insurance Quote

Mortgage lenders may strongly recommend that you request an affordable life insurance quote for mortgage protection when you take out a loan. Mortgage protection pays out to repay the remaining balance of your mortgage loan if you should die before the end of your mortgage contract. Mortgage payment protection, by comparison, pays out to repay your loan if you become too ill to work, suffer a severe injury or lose your job due to a redundancy.

A quote for these products will reveal the cost of protecting your family's source of financial and emotional security against the setbacks that could interfere with your mortgage repayment. The cost of mortgage cover can be included in an affordable life insurance quote that incorporates benefits for your spouse and children, as well as funds to pay for your funeral and burial. Protecting your house against your death, disability or the loss of your job ensures your family's stability and guarantees that this valuable asset will remain in your family if anything should happen to you.

Affordable Whole Life Insurance

An affordable life insurance quote for a permanent policy may persuade you that premiums for permanent assurance won't necessarily stretch your budget. Permanent policies offer the advantage of lifelong benefits for your loved ones, as well as the potential to expand your personal financial portfolio. If you are searching for an affordable life insurance quote for a product that allows you to maximise the value of your premiums, request quotes for variable and universal policies.

Variable assurance is a newer product on the market, which allows the insured to participate in the allocation of his or her investments. The cash account of a variable policy may pay for your premiums, if the balance is adequate. Investors who seek a policy that has the potential to earn returns, serve as collateral for a loan or be cashed in at some point may find that an affordable life insurance quote for permanent assurance is an attractive option.

An affordable life insurance quote is only the beginning of the process of securing your loved ones financially. Once you've purchased a product, you can rest assured that you've met your financial obligation to your dependents. Contact a number of the leading providers using our free features to find the product that's best suited for your family.


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