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What is the Best Lifestyle Choice for Affordable Cover?

When applying for life insurance it will soon become clear that many of the questions you are asked relate to the kind of lifestyle you have. Insurers make a number of judgements based on how you answer these questions, which go on to affect the price of your premiums. For this reason it is worth giving some time to understanding what lifestyle choices, even playing certain risky sports, will increase the cost of your life cover, and conversely which would give you the most affordable insurance.

Your level of health and physical fitness can have a significant effect on the cost of your life cover. The insurer calculates that the healthier you are, the longer you will be alive to pay premiums. In the case of term life insurance, your long life probably means that your policy expires before they have to pay out. If you have pre-existing medical conditions or have had health problems in the past, your insurer will want to know about these. Tempting as it may be to neglect to mention such things in order to save money, willfully misrepresenting facts in your application will void your policy and will result in a claim being refused after your death if the insurer finds out you lied in the application.

There are a number of lifestyle choices related to health, which have an effect on the affordability of your policy. If you are a smoker, this will impact on the cost of your premiums. Heavy drinking and drug use are also activities, which the insurer will consider increase your health risks. Insurance companies are in the business of calculating how your lifestyle contributes to your likely longevity, so if your premium quotes are coming back very high, it may well be worth serious considering cutting out these habits.

High Risk Activities

Regular exercise and health eating will impress the insurance company and hopefully give them a reason to lower your premiums. However, certain sports and hobbies, while they may keep you fit, are considered hazardous and actually end up pushing up your premiums. If you enjoy sky diving, or enjoy mountain climbing or other adventure sports, then you can expect the cost of your cover to reflect the increased risk that these activities pose.

Sometimes dangerous activities may even be integral elements of your job. If you are a solider, fire fighter or police officer you have little choice about the risk element of your work. It is unlikely that you would be willing to make career choices simply to keep your life insurance premiums down.

Other Lifestyle Choices

There are some areas of your life that are taken into consideration by life insurance companies, which might surprise you. Your driving record, for example, not only affects your car insurance premiums, but is also taken into account when judging the cost of your life insurance. If you have points on your licence for dangerous driving, or have piled up speeding tickets in recent years, your insurer is going to consider you a risky driver and will adjust your premiums accordingly.

In the end, there are compelling reasons for choosing the lifestyle you want, rather than worrying unduly about the effect of everything you do on affordable insurance cover choices. Provided the cover is still just about affordable, you may well decide that any saving you might make on your premiums is not worth cutting out of your life a favourite hobby or sport. You want to protect your family in the event of your unexpected death, but you also want to enjoy the lifestyle you have.


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