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Quotes on Life Insurance

Comparing several quotes on life insurance will set you in the right direction in your search for the best policy. Gathering quotes is an essential first step in finding the most cost effective life insurance. Now that so many of the top life insurance providers have made free quotes available on the internet, obtaining online quotes on life insurance can be a fast, hassle-free experience.

Free quotes carry no obligation, so you're under no commitment to buy a policy when you gather quotes on life insurance. In this exploratory phase, you are simply requesting the information you need to make an educated choice. Once you've obtained several quotes, you can compare the amount of financial protection offered by each policy to the cost of its premium. The quotes on life insurance that offer the maximum benefits for the smallest price are the quotes worth pursuing.

Whole Life Versus Term Quotes

If you are purchasing life insurance for the first time, you may wonder about the different types of cover and which policy would be best suited to your personal circumstances. Term insurance protects your loved ones financially for the duration of your contract, whereas whole life insurance -- also known as permanent assurance -- secures their financial stability for your entire lifetime once you've purchased your policy. Quotes on life insurance will reveal that term cover is nearly always cheaper than permanent assurance.

Depending upon your age, occupation, weight, smoking status and other risk factors, you may obtain very cheap term cover very quickly by comparing several whole life insurance estimates online. The fewer risks you present to an insurer, the cheaper your cover is likely to be. Permanent assurance will typically be more expensive, because cover is more extensive, and benefits to your loved ones are guaranteed.

As you compare quotations, consider how you intend to use your policy. If your priority is to give your family the financial resources they need to cope with your death, an affordable term policy may be the wise choice. On the other hand, if you are in search of a product that may function as an investment and savings vehicle, permanent assurance is the best deal. Permanent policies include a cash account, which may grow in value through interest, dividends and bonuses over the years.

By comparison, term coverage does not have cash value. Unless you die within the course of your coverage, your policy will provide no value to you or your loved ones, other than an increased sense of security and peace of mind. For many parents, the sense of reassurance that comes from protecting their children financially is well worth the cost of protection-only coverage. Investors in search of a product to diversify their portfolio may prefer to pay higher premiums in order to benefit from the tax-free earning potential of permanent assurance.

Life Insurance Payouts

When you buy your policy, you frequently have the option to choose the type of payout that your loved ones will receive. As the policyholder, you may arrange for your beneficiaries to receive a single, lump sum upon your death, or to receive regular payouts from the policy. The benefits that your survivors will receive are generally not subject to income tax; however, if the sum exceeds a certain threshold, they may be charged an inheritance tax.

The payout arrangement that you select when you request quotes on life insurance should be based on your family's wishes and your expectations for the future. If the primary purpose of your policy is to replace the income you currently contribute to your household, regular payouts may be the most useful option. Your survivors would receive funds each month to cover expenses until they were able to find another source of income. With a lump sum payout, your survivors may save or invest the money, or spend the funds as they wish.

If your children are very young, a trust may be established to safeguard their benefits until they are old enough to assume responsibility for their own affairs. A trustee may be named to manage the funds until your children are old enough to manage their own money. Setting up a trust ensures that these funds can be made available to your children more quickly after your death, rather than being held up in the claims process. When you gather quotes on life insurance, it pays to plan the distribution of benefits so that your dependents may receive the funds promptly.

Gathering quotes on life insurance is not a task that many of us look forward to. However, once you've found a policy that provides substantial financial benefits for your dependents at a price you can afford, you'll be glad you took the time to compare the market. Search for a trusted insurer that offers quality products and compassionate customer service.


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