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Which Dangerous Activities Should I Avoid?

If you are looking to secure life insurance, it is important to understand that insurance companies decide the level of your premiums on the basis of a number of factors, among which are your lifestyle choices. Keeping fit and exercising regularly are likely to be considered positive factors by your insurer, while tobacco use weighs negatively. However, if you actively get involved with sports and hobbies that the insurance company counts as dangerous then this will push your premiums up. For this reason it is worth looking at what these activities are, so you can at least thing about whether it is worth giving them up for the sake of cheaper insurance.

Understandably, if it is your job, which puts you regularly in dangerous situations, then you are unable to avoid dangerous activities unless you leave your job or look for a different situation with the same employer. If you are a soldier or police officer, then clearly you have chosen these career paths with an understanding of the extra risks that these jobs carry. In this case, avoiding dangerous situations is not an option. However, at a certain point in your career it may be worth investigating to see if there are less hazardous positions available - a desk job for instance.

Dangerous Sports And Hobbies

There are a number of adventure sports and extreme thrill-seeking activities, which are certainly considered to put you at higher risk than somebody with a sedentary lifestyle. If you enjoy the adrenalin rush you get from jumping out of an aeroplane, climbing a sheer rock-face with minimal safety equipment, or swimming with sharks, then an insurer is going to factor these pursuits into their calculations of how much to charge you for your life insurance. Remember that they base their calculations on whether they think there will be a claim against your policy before it expires. If you are constantly putting your life at risk in the search for thrills and excitement, then they will want to make sure that your life insurance premiums are higher to reflect the increased likelihood of your dying at a younger age.

Lifestyle Choices

Some of the lifestyle choices you make may not be as exciting as bare-back horse riding or snowboarding, but may in the eyes of the insurance company, make you just as likely to die at a relatively young age. If you are a smoker, or if you regularly use drugs or drink a lot of alcohol, then your premiums will go up accordingly. While we have mentioned that pursuing dangerous sports can cause your life insurance to more expensive, you should remember too that avoiding all exercise and physical activity, will have an equally negative effect on the cost of your cover. Obesity is another factor that will make your life insurance more costly.

With all these negatively impacting activities it may be tempting to not mention them when applying for your life cover in order to get a lower quote on your premiums. However, this can often turn out to be a false saving, as if you did end up dying as a result of your smoking, or while you were on an adventure holiday, the insurance company will consider that you misrepresented facts in the course of your application, and will deem your policy void. This could end up leaving your family not only suffering the emotional stress of losing you, but also having to challenge an insurance company to try and fight for them to pay out, while struggling with the financial impact of your death, which is why you wanted to buy life insurance in the first place.


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